Conserving Seeds of Old Crop Varieties Amid the Abundance of Green

Namo is a village in Fengshan County, Guangxi Province, inhabited by the Zhuang ethnic minority. PCD has been encouraging the villagers of Namo to conserve seeds of local heirloom crops to protect the biodiversity of their fields and for food security. On a sunny day in autumn last year (2016) and in the midst of lush green fields, Namo villagers celebrated the Bianmijie (a festival held when the rice crops haven’t finished growing, during which villagers use the time waiting to collect the harvest to conduct celebrations and courtship activities). Rice of traditional varieties that was only 70-80 percent ripe was harvested. The villagers then removed the husks with bowls and cooked the rice into delicacies to celebrate the harvest, to proclaim their affection to their loved ones, and to give thanks to nature for the prosperity that they enjoy.

(Angus Lam, PCD)