Building Community Resilience for Climate Change

We believe an eco-centric worldview and sustainable living practices play an important role in addressing climate change. We approach climate change not as a macro issue external to us, but one closely linked to how we live in relation to our communities and the environment. As we choose to live in harmony with nature and act to strengthen community resilience, we are in a better position to address the climate crisis.

While many organisations working on climate change in Hong Kong tend to focus on policy advocacy, we also try to facilitate holistic perspectives and community collective action in our Building Community Resilience for Climate Change work. Together with our partners, we encourage community learning on knowledge related to climate change and relevant to community needs, such as appropriate technology and ecological design. Along the way, we help build networks and develop community organising capacity. As community members consider social changes happening in Hong Kong, they begin to see their relationship with their own community in a new light. Through a range of creative pilot projects, we strive to inject enthusiasm and hope to address the climate crisis, both locally and regionally.