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Holistic Health (Past Programme Foci)

Holistic health: concern for the health of the environment, land, community and human beings

Health is an important part of sustainable living. However, the approach of mainstream Western medicine that treats only the symptoms has failed to address health issues holistically. We believe that, as human beings, we are part of the ecological environment. We and all creations on this planet are mutually dependent and our actions and activities affect each other. When we speak of a holistic view of health, we are not only talking about the health of human beings. We are talking about the tranquil and healthy state of all elements of the ecological system. But human beings are social animals. The health of the individual also depends on the interactive relationship among members of a community. In modern societies, the environment has been destroyed, the land contaminated, animals tortured, and social justice disregarded, all in the name of health. But these are all actually the origins of diseases.

Since 2005, PCD has been promoting discussion and learning about the concept of holistic health in its rural community programmes. The programmes have sought to enable ordinary people to understand the effects of their actions and lifestyles on the health of the ecosystem and community, and how these in turn affect the health of individuals. Participants have learnt of not only the causes of diseases and ways to prevent them, but have also been encouraged to rediscover local wisdom and resources to build a tranquil, healthy and harmonious community life, collectively and by various local actions. We have to have a healthy environment, healthy land and a healthy community in order to have healthy individuals.

We have been exploring the question of holistic health together with the communities, and have been integrating abstract ideas into concrete details of everyday life and also  seeking guidance from local wisdoms. We hope to share the joy we gain and the lessons we learn in the process with fellow explorers.