Our Programme Foci

Traditional Knowledge and Innovation

Preserve and innovate traditional knowledge

PCD has built up useful experience in facilitating community learning of traditional knowledge for sustainable living. We will work further to link the learning directly to community building. Community is the base on which people develop connectivity with others, and from which they gain a sense of self-recognition and meaning in life.

PCD's programmes strive to revitalise community spirit, both in rural areas and in cities, through facilitating community efforts to rediscover their local traditional knowledge. This collective learning process involves looking deeply into the meaning of traditional knowledge, to bring recognition of the shared wisdom, memories, experience and pride of people from the same place or social group. This in turn generates a sense of responsibility to the place. One key aspect of our work is to encourage the younger generation to learn from and reflect on their tradition.

In the past decade, we have supported communities to learn about and conserve their traditional knowledge, most of which advocates the respect for nature and the value of simple living. Through community surveys and research, we help youngsters to understand local history, biodiversity and environment issues in a local context. We have also facilitated the preservation of folk art.

A community that is willing to learn from its past is at the same time nurturing its capacity for innovation in the future. Therefore, in the next five years (2015-2020), we will explore effective community mechanisms for the preservation, innovation and transmission of traditional knowledge. This can help enhance the ability of a community in self-learning and increase its resilience in respond to challenges coming from the outside world. Methodologies such as participatory action research, life story-telling, community participation in the writing of local history, and intergenerational dialogue will be employed in PCD’s programmes conserving traditional knowledge.