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Sichuan / Chongqing

Map of Sichuan

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Natural resources are abundant in Sichuan Province and the City of Chongqing, with several tributaries of the upper Yangtze River running through the Province. In this programme location, the issue of health has been an important axis along which cultural and everyday reflections have been promoted. PCD began supporting rural work in the area in 2002, upholding community principles, using community-based health services as an entry point. By 2005, concepts of holistic health had been introduced to local villagers through healthy village and eco-health initiatives that encouraged consideration of the relationships between ecological destruction, environmental pollution and health issues.

In the early years, our work focused on building health service provision systems and enhancing villagers' capacity in participating in public health improvement efforts. Projects on building drinking water systems, health education for community facilitators, and strengthening the monitoring of health services in township clinics by community core members were launched. Later, the idea of 'ecological health' was introduced by linking human health, modes of production and lifestyles with the natural environment and the ecological system. Subsequently our area of concern expanded, inevitably leading to connections with projects on ecological agriculture, garbage treatment and community supported agriculture (CSA). Gradually we have also introduced the learning of traditional culture and wisdom on the co-existence between human being and nature.

PCD's programme sites in Sichuan and Chongquing are scattered along a group of small rivers (Nanguang River in Xiao Er Town, Lanba Ditch in Xinhua Town and Lianhe Village, Huaxi River in Huaxi Town and Heishuitan River in Beibei District of Chongqing City). We hope to facilitate communities along these rivers to build up mutual help between the rural and the urban, and join hands to explore how sustainable living might be practiced.

Sichuan / Chongqing Programmes Focus on three Areas

Programmes focus on three areas: Wisdom of Nature, Ecological Agriculture and Sustainable Living Network

Wisdom of Nature

The programmes involve collaboration with those communities facing environmental problems such as water pollution to enhance their capacity for restoring the local ecology. Such activity also acts as an entry point for people to become aware of the interdependence between human beings and nature. Another objective of the programmes is to develop affective links between community members and their own home villages / towns, which can motivate the communities to take responsibility for protecting their own environment. During the process, we encourage the analysis of environmental problems from the systems view as well as a perspective related to traditional wisdom. We support initiatives that the communities take up to improve the environment such as restoring vegetation cover on hillsides, waste management and sewage treatment, all of which can gradually revive ecological vigour.

Ecological Agriculture

The crux of the programmes lies in rebuilding the local food system and reviving local food-making skills. We help build platforms such as farmers’ markets to foster mutual help between producers and consumers. The programmes also support urban farming and the learning of sustainable farming skills (such as permaculture), through which the understanding of the diverse values of agriculture will be enhanced among ecological agriculture practitioners and consumers.

Sustainable Living Network

We support communities to explore the meaning of sustainable living and initiate creative daily life practices, and further to build networks that enhance mutual support and exchange of experience. Through a micro fund, we support creative initiatives and build a platform to facilitate regular exchanges among PCD partners. We hope this platform can gradually develop linkages with sustainable living practitioners who are not directly involved in PCD programmes.

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