Project List

2021 - 2022


‘Love in Nature’ – Nature Education with Children with Special Education Needs and their Families
Community Economy Activities with Women Migrant Workers
Community Economy Learning and Action with Domestic Workers
Community Leaders Network Building for Mutual Aid and Sustainable Living in Banta Village
Supporting an Urban Ecological Design Practitioners Community
Sustainable Consumption Community Capacity Building
‘Go Zero Waste’ – Research and Development of Zero Waste Communities
Cultivating ‘Librarians’ for Seed Libraries
Production of Fragrant Soil, a Sustainable Living Magazine, (Issues 12 and 13) (In Chinese)

Chongqing Municipality

‘From Our Land and For Our Land’: Community-Based Food and Agricultural Education
Exploring Approaches to Rural Community-Based Environmental Volunteer Network Development

Guangdong Province

Guangzhou Rural-Urban Mutual Help Network Development
Promoting Sustainable Living Practices in Urbanised Villages
Exploration of Resilient Livelihoods and Community Building with People with Different Abilities in Guangzhou
Sustainable Living Network Building with Youth in Pearl River Delta
Capacity Building for Sustainable Community Development in Pearl River Delta
Exploring Sustainable and Child-Friendly Community Development in Xinqiao Village, Panyu District, Guangzhou
Co-Learning Network Building with Organisers of Citizens-Based Groups in Guangzhou

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Co-Learning Network Building on Permaculture with Returned Youth in Northern Guangxi
Biocultural Conservation and Knowledge Network Development in Eastern China
Local Seed Conservation in Guangxi
Documentation and Publication of Ecological Orchard Management Experience
Learning on Traditional Wisdom of Baikuyao Culture and Building of Community Exchange Platforms
Research on Supportive Mechanisms for Community Learning with Rural Youth in Guangxi
Nurturing Rural Youth for a Community Supported Agriculture Network
Building Sustainable Living and Mutual Help Networks

Guizhou Province

Capacity Building with Water Environmental Protection Facilitators
‘BeeCo’ – Building Urban Producers Networks, Guiyang
Community Seed Conservation Network Development in Southeast Guizhou
Revitalising Learning of Community Culture in Rural Southwest Guizhou
Learning and Passing on of the Cooperative Wisdom of Dong Culture through Traditional Weaving
Exploring Community-Based Cultural Education with Indigenous Communities in Congjiang
Exploring Support Mechanisms with Young Rural Facilitators
Waste Reduction and Community Organisational Development in Wudang District, Guiyang
Capacity Building with Rural Facilitators

Sichuan Province

Nature Education Facilitator Development with Educators at Secondary Schools and Universities
‘Little Chef’ – Exploring Food and Agricultural Education at Schools in Yibin
‘For the Love of Nature, Everyday Living, and Food Waste’ – Urban Eco-Farming Co-Learning Scheme in Chengdu
Community Building with Farmers and Citizens through the Chengdu Farmers’ Market
Exploring Traditional Eco-Wisdom and Community Spirit in Mountainous Villages, Beichuan
Community Co-Learning on Soil Improvement in Western Sichuan Plain
Community Learning on Traditional Agricultural Wisdom in Linpan Village, Western Sichuan Plain
Learning and Passing on of Traditional Community Wisdom in Mountainous Villages, Ya’an
Nurturing Holistic Rural Community-Based Children and Youth Facilitators
Promoting Sustainable Development, Inner Strength, and Self-Organisation Capacity with Women in Suburban Chengdu Communities
Sustainable Living Co-Learning and Network Building with Organisers of Citizens’ Groups in Chengdu
Sustainable Community Building in Shuijingfang, Chengdu
Capacity Building and Network Development with Rural Sustainable Living Facilitators, Chengdu
Nurturing Young Sustainable Living Practitioners
Supporting Rural Co-Learning and Community Research on Local Ecological Culture
Supporting Initial Assessment of Sustainable Living Practitioners in Chengdu
Combining Theory and Practice: Learning and Action on Community Sustainable Living in Chengdu
Documenting Experiences of Community Waste Sorting and Reduction, Chengdu
Systematic Review of Waste Sorting Project in Xiao’er Township, Yibin
Eco-Village Building and Community Education in Dacheng Town, Pingshan


Yunnan Province

Public Education on Biodiversity Conservation through Promoting Yunnan Wildlife Activities
Exploring Sustainable Community Living in Baoshan
Restoring Ecological Worldview and Ecological Functional Areas with Akha Communities in Xishuangbanna
Supporting Ecological Conservation and Holistic Health Promotion with Local Elderly Associations in Tengchong
Supporting Co-Learning Network Development and Personal Growth of Social Workers in Rural Ethnic Minority Communities
Sustainable Living Network Building with Cultural Perspectives
Community Building through Nurturing Young Tai Lue Indigenous Architects and Artisans
Examining Ecological Landscape Planning and Eco-Farming in Menghai County
‘Safeguarding our Homeland of Purity’ – Volunteer Network Building in Tengchong
Building Cultural Perspectives with Bulang Community Facilitators
Building Platforms for Collaborative Exploration of Sustainable Living in Dali
Documentation of Sustainable Living Promotion and Capacity Building Programme Experience with Local Facilitators in Xishuangbanna


Supporting Thematic Sub-Forum for CBD COP15: ‘Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains are Invaluable Assets’ – Theory and Practice
Supporting Dialogue on the Relationships, Roles, and Collaborations between Community, Science, and Policies at the 15th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP15) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
Eco-Village Design with an Ecological Civilisation Perspective: Experience Exchange, Innovation, and Network Building
Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change Adaptation: Exchange between NGOs in China and Southeast Asia
Community Research and Pilot Site Assessment for Conservation, Utilisation, Access, and Benefit Sharing of Food and Agricultural Genetic Resources
Forum on Sustainable Food Systems and Smallholders’ Practices, Protection, and Utilisation of Local Seeds
‘Affective Nature Education Nationwide Co-Learning Circle’ – Deepening Facilitator Support and Developing Diverse Curricula
Capacity Building and Network Development with Rural Nature Education Facilitators in Southwest China
National Eco-Agriculture Support Network for Returning Youth and New Farmers
‘Native is Beautiful’ – Indigenous Food Research and Publication
Supporting Eco-Village Design and Innovation
Network Building with Rural Community Filmmakers to Document Local Knowledge and Reflection on Sustainable Living
Exploring Ways to Nurture Citizen-Based Environmental Protection Groups
Enhancing Communication Capacity of Gingko Foundation’s Fellows on Sustainable Living
Exploring Connections between Eco-Design and Sustainable Community Living
Supporting Community Education and Traditional Eco-Wisdom in Communities in Southeast Guizhou Province
Rural Revitalisation Youth Internship Project
Feasibility Study for ‘Growth of Returning Youth Action Research’
Rural Community Green Leadership Development Fund in Southwest China
Sustainable Living Co-Learning Network with Rural Women Facilitators in Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces
Documenting Principles and Approaches to Rural Community Design with Local Cultural Perspectives
Art and Culture Co-Creation Camp – Exploring Sustainable Living through Art
Institutional Support for Philanthropic Organisations Promoting Sustainable Living
Research on the Links between Sustainable Living, Local Knowledge and Urban-Rural Migrant Communities in Southwest China
Theme-Based Facilitator Capacity Building and Community Development
Reflection, Research and Community Building with NGO Workers
Research on Practices and Strategies of Chinese Social Organisations and Overseas NGOs under the Belt and Road Initiatives
Empowerment Camp on Sustainable Community: Capacity Building with Frontline Staff of Chinese Domestic Foundations
Supporting Grantmakers with Research and Capacity Building on Climate Change Adaptation
Organisational Support for the Operation of China Donor Roundtable