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PCD has recently revamped its web page. In this issue of our e-Newsletter, we introduce you to the new web page, including its main content and new or redesigned columns. We hope that our web page will be a platform for visitors to learn and share their experience on sustainable living. Below is a brief introduction to the main content of the new web page.

PCD web page:

Brief Introduction to the Feature Story on the Homepage

Restoring Nature

In the city of Kunming in Yunnan Province, there are nearly 300 ancient trees scattered in 114 villages around Lake Dianchi, including a 1000-year-old plum tree, a Chinese pistache with a trunk so thick that it takes four people to embrace it, and a wild fragrant citron tree that attracts all kinds of butterflies when it blossoms. These ancient trees are under threat due to urbanisation. Since 2012, PCD has been supporting the 'All-Citizen Campaign to Protect Old Trees' organised by Green Kunming, an environmental organisation that is getting citizens to act as custodians of the trees. In the process, tree carers experience deep feelings for trees……[More]

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Learning About Sustainable Living

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Sharing Corner

Practicing What We Preach Voice from Community Facilitator About Our Partners Farmers' Wisdom

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Sharing Corner

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Though we are based in different regions and have different work approaches, we are all striving to practise sustainable living, and the ripples we create will definitely benefit other partners. Please share your experience and reflections with us and send your stories to The subject of your stories should be related to your programmes. Please provide your name, project background and photographs. Please do not exceed 2,000 words.
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About Us
Established in Hong Kong in May 2001, Partnerships for Community Development (PCD) is a community development NGO set up and funded by the Kadoorie Foundation (via a stream of funds allocated by the Hon. Mrs McAulay). The Foundation is a Hong Kong-based trust founded in 1970 by the late Sir Horace Kadoorie, who believed in the principle,"Help people to help themselves".

PCD believes that everyone, however deprived in material terms, has the right and the ability to lead a dignified and sustainable life in harmony with others, with nature, and with the world at large. Individual well-being is crucial in maintaining a harmonious and sustainable community. PCD believes that the community has to work together to reflect on its relationship with nature and on its cultural traditions.

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