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 Issue No.1 2011/05/12
Reconnecting hearts with nature
Congratulatory Message From Mr. Andrew McAulay, Chairperson, Management Committee, PCD
"PCD's mission has developed to the point where we now aim to "reconnect people's hearts to nature... [More]

Out of the Haze‧Pondering the Future

──Special Issue on the Third Anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake

Today is 5‧12, the commemoration day of the occasion of the third anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake, and PCD is still working at the stricken area.

We have seen many smiling faces of victims who have gradually come out of the haze of the disaster. However, over the last three years, we have been pondering the following questions: In the face of a major disaster, where do the individuals and the community find the strength for revival? Has the explosion of the nuclear power plant in the earthquake in Japan aroused us to reflect on energy, life and development? Does a return to normal life mean returning to the consumerist mode of development before the earthquake? We believe that there is no way human beings can look at Nature disdainfully and remain whole and sound on our own. In the next phase, PCD's programmes will, continue to explore and build a space where human beings may live symbiotically with the earth. We hope to make use of the opportunities provided by the recuperation process after the earthquake to bring human beings forward to a better and more sustainable lifestyle.

To enable readers to have an understanding of the process of post-disaster spiritual reconstruction from the perspectives of various parties, we have invited our colleague who works in the stricken area, a high school student who has undergone emotional therapy, a doctor who has taken part in psychological treatment of victims and farmers who were at the threshold of death to share with readers what they have learnt and experienced in the last 3 years:

  1. A Confession on Living with Aftershocks - Sally Chun, Programme Manager (Reconstruction Programme), PCD
  2. "Feeling Alive in Contact with Nature." - Deng Yang-qiu (a Beichuan High School graduate, 2010)
  3. From Educator to Rehabilitation Partner:An Unlimited Journey in Cultivating Human Potential - Dr. Xiang-tao (Principal Rehabilitation Doctor of Chengdu Hospital No. 2
  4. "Gradually I felt I was living again." - Xie Farong from Mianzhu, Sichuan, reborn on 12th May

Sustainable Living
In response to recent discussion on Guangzhou’s urban development, we held "Follow the Course of Nature, Seek Wisdom, Reflect on Development – Programme to Explore Sustainable Living" workshop…… [More]
"It was the most heart-touching training we had ever taken part in…" Some of the participants joined "Ecological Home – Education on Sustainable Living" said…… [More]
Respect for Nature
To give PCD colleagues a chance to release their inner strength, this April our Hong Kong head office held a "山情水意 shanqingshuiyi" experiential retreat…… [More]
Holistic Health
At Yunnan Shi-ping NiuJie village, the core-centre of their health view is “being good”; being good in spirit, environment, temperament, and in body…… [More]
Ecological Agriculture
"The external experts …Will they really be helpful to us?" Panda, a villager, asked two years ago. Today, he said, "…be humble, take off your shoes, roll up your trousers, and the farmers will take you like a son…… [More]

The Dignity that traditional Crop Varieties Granted to Farmers

"This is what everyone called small yellow corn! Why do the other farming households (now) grow hybrid corns ? We should conserve the small yellow corn. It is highly nutritious and is adapted to our climate and soil, and the yield is high too. It can also be made into wine. The older generations used to eat them……" Luo Xiuqiong is a Bu-yi farmer in the Wayao Village of Baiyun District in Guizhou. These traditional varieties are lost and Luo Xiuqiong does not know the reasons behind…… [More]

A Sugar Cane Binding Tool that Saves Labour

Guangxi is one of the main sugar cane producing provinces. Every year during harvest time when the sugar cane are to be cut, labour is hard although the fruit is sweet. How may one tie up the sugar cane without having to use so much effort? This is a question that gives farmers many problems. In some major sugar cane producing areas, we saw villagers making their own sugar cane binding tools which help them solve this problem quickly and effectively…… [More]

Urban Rural Ensemble

Members: JianYe Le Natural Life Shop(健怡乐自然生活店); Green Farming Urban Rural Cooperative(绿耕城乡互助社);Yue Yi Organic Store (Feng de-yi) (悦意有机馆(冯德意));Natureland Workshop; Real Concept Store (真意栈)
Co-partner: PCD "Fragrant Soil" Editorial Team
Mission: To promote urban sustainable living and to build a platform that supports diverse livelihoods. The "Urban Rural Ensemble" focuses on themes such as community supported agriculture, public charity (supporting education in rural villages) and environmental protection (separation of waste product, vermi-composting etc.). They help city dwellers live a better, higher quality life…… [More]

Latest Publication: "Fragrant Soil"

The latest edition is published! "Fragrant Soil"is a quarterly publication of PCD and covers a broad range of "sustainable livelihoods" issues. The theme of this edition is "Crafthood in Livelihoods". We find that the ordinary foods and crafts in our daily lives convey the relationship between humans and nature, the links to tradition and the development potential of rural communities.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Data Base
The purpose of the data base is “to link up the city and the rural areas for a good, sustainable life.” Not only will the public be provided with information on CSA, they will also have the chance to read feedback from students who have taken part in internship programmes. We hope that cities and villages will be linked up in the future by various forms of CSA so that the many problems that globalisation brings can be reduced.

PCD supported Publication: "Sustainable Farming"
"Sustainable Farming" is published by the Yunnan Province Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge Research Committee, four times per year. It aims to offer a platform for rural development workers to express and share their experience, and to enable government organisations, non-government development organisations and farmers to acquire greater understanding of the achievements of sustainable farming, in China and overseas.

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"The great nature wilderness relieves me from the struggles in the classroom and consoled my heart from the deep sorrow."

~ Deng Yang-qiu (a Beichuan High School graduate 2010, Mianzhu)

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Established in Hong Kong in May 2001, Partnerships for Community Development (PCD) is a community development NGO set up and funded by the Kadoorie Foundation (via a stream of funds allocated by the Hon. Mrs McAulay). The Foundation is a Hong Kong-based trust founded in 1970 by the late Sir Horace Kadoorie, who believed in the principle,"Help people to help themselves".

PCD believes that everyone, however deprived in material terms, has the right and the ability to lead a dignified and sustainable life in harmony with others, with nature, and with the world at large. Individual well-being is crucial in maintaining a harmonious and sustainable community. PCD believes that the community has to work together to reflect on its relationship with nature and on its cultural traditions.

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