Enewsletter Issue No. 13 just released! Feature Story: A Long and Winding Path—Public Benefit Workers Share Their Experience in Starting and Running NGOs

(Three former PCD staff start and run their NGO initiatives.)

 Participation of civil society in non-profit making activities for public benefit has had a major impact on benevolent social development.  With a strong desire to improve society, many people have given up a mainstream lifestyle and set off on a path of striving for public benefit.  Since this kind of work pays less well than mainstream options, it is not an easy choice.  In order to stay on this path in the long term, there is a lot to learn—from choosing one’s area of service to the conditions for starting and running a new social venture; from capacity building to overcoming challenges; and how public benefit workers could earn a living and find happiness in their endeavours.  All these are interconnected and present an intellectual challenge to public benefit workers.

   To explore and practice sustainable living, we need to reflect and act on our everyday life.  Such reflection and practice can be promoted and publicised through the work of NGOs.  In this issue, we have invited three former staff of PCD to write about their experiences of setting up new initiatives after they left PCD.  Two of them have established new organisations for public benefit, and another has become the head of another organisation. What lessons do we learn from their experiences?  What are the joys and sorrows, gains and losses of their endeavours?  How does one continue to benefit others at the same time as benefitting oneself?  Let’s listen to what they share from their hearts.