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Partner Organization: Urban Rural Ensemble
Members: JianYe Le Natural Life Shop(健怡乐自然生活店); Green Farming Urban Rural
Cooperative(绿耕城乡互助社);Yue Yi Organic Store (Feng de-yi) (悦意有机馆(冯德意));Natureland Workshop; Real Concept Store (真意栈)
Co-partner: PCD “Fragrant Soil” Editorial Team
Mission: To promote urban sustainable living and to build a platform that supports diverse livelihoods. The “Urban Rural Ensemble” focuses on themes such as community supported agriculture, public charity (supporting education in rural villages) and environmental protection (separation of waste product, vermi-composting etc.). They help city dwellers live a better, higher quality life.

“Urban Rural Ensemble” is a newly formed organic allied organization in Guangdong. They invited local (Guangdong) farmers to the organic fair we held. They also created opportunities for producers to meet consumers, so that city dwellers understand better how crops grow. Next, they adopted a non-market approach, instead, through public education to explain and promote environmental protection and health.

On the 15th and 16th of January of this year, “Urban Rural Ensemble” held its first small market fair at Dongfang New World in Guangzhou. It was a lively fair and people were amazed by the diversity of products. They looked forwards to finding safe, healthy food in the market, and to regain the genuine taste of food. The organization hopes to hold small organic fairs every month, so as to offer farmers’ fresh food-products, organic products, fair trade products and environmental household supplies. It is hoped that city dwellers can directly buy nutritious “real food” from the market fair. At the same time, they also work to prevent small farmers from being over-exploited. Hopefully this will raise consumption awareness among urban dwellers as well as their consciousness of public affairs and willingness to offer support and encourage organic farming.

Other than providing a platform at the organic fair for urban people to connect directly with farmers and promote the value of rural livelihoods, the Urban Rural Ensemble is planning to organize activities such as a “Family Country Trip”, a “Worms Workshop”, an “Organic Living Symposium“, and a “Tea-Ceremony”. Hopefully the idea of healthy living will take root in people's hearts.


  1. Live coverage of the Urban Rural Ensemble’s first small organic fair, 15 and 16 January, 2011,.
  2. Nanfang Daily News : Small organic farming fair, dwells in city.
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Villagers from Chang Liu, Cong-hua county in Guangdong, came to visit the organic farmer’s market and compare the quality of their produce with the other organic produce selling there.
The produce selling in the organic market received a high popularity from the consumers.
Residents, organizers of the farmer’s market and farmers shared experience on growing vegetable and bee keeping.
Farmer’s market in city has gained a lot of attention from the residence.