Good Reading for all—Touching the Ground, Taking Roots: The Thriving of CSA


In October 2012, 'Touching the Ground, Taking Roots—A Seminar on CSA Experience' was co-organised by PCD and its sister organisation, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden in Hong Kong. A hundred and twenty CSA practitioners from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan attended the seminar and discussed their experience of CSA. Reflecting on the seminar, the organising committee felt that it was a pity the discussion had not involved more practitioners or the public, although it had stimulated more thinking among the organising committee members. They decided that an anthology on CSA should be published,  illustrating the similarities and differences in CSA practice in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Themes include the relationship between human beings and nature, social conditions favourable to fostering the common good among urban and rural areas, rebuilding communities, relationships between different social groups, and the change of values brought about by farming.

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