Good Reading for All - Community Supported Agriculture: Revival of Taiwan Rural and Our Table

This a book, edited by Reveals Books (a Taiwan publishing company featuring on agricultural and land issues) with the collaboration of Taiwan Rural Front and PCD, introduces the practices of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Taiwan through in-depth case studies. Amongst the 19 articles included, 16 are about seven modes of Taiwan's CSA, including the production mode, community support mode, food and agriculture education mode, farmers associations cum production and sales cooperative mode, indigenous tribes mode, group-purchase mode; and markets and production settlements mode. This book also consists of five articles, including one Mainland China and two Hong Kong case studies, that were first published in Taking Root: Vitalising CSA by PCD. This book also a follow-up reading of Touching the Ground, Taking Root - A Seminar on CSA Experience organised by PCD and the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden in 2013. CSA practitioners from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan participated in this seminar, and two relevant books in English and simplified Chinese respectively were also published after the seminar.