Natural Farming: A way of life



A Chinese translation of a Japanese book titled Natural Farming: A way of life has been published jointly by PCD and the China Environmental Science Press. The book comes as a set with a PCD-supported DVD titled Natural Farming – A way of life: The philosophy behind natural farming.

Through dialogues with Mr Shinichi Tsuji, the founder of the Sloth Club, the Japanese veteran practitioner of natural farming Mr  Yoshikazu Kawaguchi shares his life story across more than 30 years. Mr Kawaguchi has developed his own philosophy and way of life through his practice of natural farming. His story goes beyond agriculture; indeed, it is about every human being. It tells us the meaning of life; that each of us has to live well and face up to our duties.  

The way of natural farming is elaborated in the book. It does not require the total absence of human intervention, but that the intervention should accord with nature. The manpower input is minimal, its intensity determined by nature. It involves no tilling of the soil or destruction of any life in the farmland. To conclude using Mr Kawaguchi’s wording, natural farming is a mode of cultivation that operates with nature, respects nature to the greatest extent, follows and responds to the nature of the living crops and allows them to grow naturally.  

PCD will give copies of the book to our partners and like-minded organisations or individuals, and is also liaising with other platforms (such as farmers' markets and chain bookstores in different provinces in China) to sell the book. If you would like a copy of the book (in Chinese only), please email us at