Publications produced or supported by PCD

Title Year
The Earth in Deep Thoughts – Reflecting Relationship between the traditional Culture & Rural Construction (Chinese only) 2007
Ecological Agriculture Pocketbook (Chinese only) 2008
PCD Corporate Brochure 2006-2010 2008
An Ecosystem Approach (by Jean Lebel) (Chinese edition) 2008
Fragrant Soil 1 (A magazine about sustainable living) (Chinese only) 2008
Story of Lusheng (Chinese only) 2009
Fragrant Soil 2 (A magazine about sustainable living) (Chinese only) 2009
Fushi de Gushi (The Story of Miao Costumes) (Chinese only) 2010
PCD Leaflet 2010 2010
In the Field (The experience of Guizhou farmers in ecological agriculture) (Chinese only) 2010
Our A Mao's Eighty Happy Years in Longzuishi Village (A book recording Miao people's culture in Longzuishi village, Yunnan) (Chinese only) 2010
Our Life in Tala (a book recording traditional culture of Tala village in Shipin County, Yunnan) (Chinese only) 2010
Fragrant Soil 3 (A magazine about sustainable living) (Chinese only) 2010
The Dialogue (Dialogues among a group of youths on their personal growth) (Chinese only) 2011
Filming Changes Our Life (Chinese only) 2011
Fragrant Soil 4 (A magazine about sustainable living) (Chinese only) 2011
Gaia education: Ecovillage Design Education (Chinese edition) 2012
Basic Tibetan Literacy (Publication in Multi-media with CD-Rom) (Chinese only) 2012
Five documentaries on eco-health (Five short films covering topics of schistosomiasis and its multi-sectoral treatments in Dali Prefecture, Yunnan) (Chinese only) 2012
Secret of Spring (An illustrated book with postcards that targets children to learn about ecological and cultural roots in the rural areas) (Chinese only) 2012
Ecological Mapping of Anlong Village (Chinese only) 2012
Community song book of Bailingwan Village in Tongjiang County (The song book includes three chapters: mountain songs, new songs written by villagers, and children songs) (Chinese only) 2012
Practical Guide on Plant Preparations on Natural Farming (A manual distributed to rural villagers in Yangshui Township, Guilin)(Chinese only) 2012
Learning from Nature (Documentation on the Nature Education Workshop, Yangshuo, Guangxi)(Chinese only) 2012
Unfinished puzzle: the Choice of Agriculture in Cuba (Chinese edition) 2012
Fragrant Soil 5 (A magazine about sustainable living) (Chinese only) 2012
Manual on Ecological Grapefruit Production for Yu Village, Yangshuo (A technical handbook documenting the ecological farmers’ practice in Yu Village, Yangshuo, Guangxi) (Chinese only) 2013
Handbook on Baikuyao Culture Experience and Research (Produced by Baikuyao young people in Nandan County, Guangxi) (Chinese only) 2013
Everlasting Voices from Home: lyrics of Tibetan folk songs (Chinese only) 2013
2014 Calendars with information on local wildlife in Deqin and local energy in Fuyuan, Yunnan (Chinese only) 2013
Peace Rooted in Ecology, Livelihood and Cultures: An Action Research with Chinese Peace Women (A book published by our partner Peace Women) (Chinese only) 2013
Balcony Gardening At Home (Chinese only) 2013
My First Farming Journal (Records of Activities of Community Farmers in the Huilungguan area in 2012) 2013
Farming Matters Magazine, Issue 25-28 (An international magazine on sustainable farming, translated and published by the Center for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge (Chinese only) 2013
Revival and Resilience: Community Stories in China (A book from the “writing for reflection” project in which PCD partners and community members took part) 2013
Dao De Jing (The Book of the Way) 2013
Taking Root : Vitalising CSA (A book on the CSA Seminar held in 2012, Chinese only) 2014
Blooming – Experience and Memories of the Sichuan Internship Programme 2014
Return (An internal periodical edited by Kawagebo Culture Society in Deqin, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan. Articles are collected from local writters and community members) 2014
Fragrant Soil 6 (A magazine about sustainable living) (Chinese only) 2014
Manual for Ecological Cultivation of Citrus Fruit Tree (Chinese only) 2014
Touching the Heart, Taking Root - CSA in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China  2015
Fragrant Soil 7 (A magazine about sustainable living) (Chinese only) 2015
Good Reading for All - Community Supported Agriculture: Revival of Taiwan Rural and Our Table 2015

An Album on Ecology - An Appreciation :
Southwest Nationalities’ Ecological Paintings—Ecological Culture and Ecological Civilisation in the Eyes of National Minorities in Southwest China

Fragrant Soil 8 (A magazine about sustainable living) (Chinese only) 2016